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CotN // RockyClan // Raywhisker by NlKNAK CotN // RockyClan // Raywhisker by NlKNAK

>For :iconclansofthenorth:


Name: Raywhisker -A three legged ginger-and-white tom with stunning amber eyes and long whiskers.
Prefix / The prefix Ray comes from the tom abundance of affection he showed even as a kit, a little ray of sunshine. It also refers to his stripy pelt.
Suffix / Whisker was chosen for his sensitivity to any situation as well as to denote his really long whiskers.

Age: 36 Moons

Season of Birth: Leaf-Fall (Autumn)

Sex: Tom

Breed: Moggy - American Shorthair 45% , Burmillia 20% , Balinese 35%

Orientation: Straight


Birth Clan: RockyClan
Current Clan: RockyClan

Rank Trained As: Warrior then Gatherer
Rank Currently Held: Gatherer

Mentor as Apprentice: Lionleap [Warrior] Frostheart [Gatherer / NPC]
Current Apprentice: N/a
Past Apprentices: N/a

- S T A T I S T I C S -
○○○○○ ➟ Hunting
○○○○○○○ ➟ Climbing
○○○ ➟ Tracking
○○○○○○○○○ ➟ Swimming

○○○○○○ ➟ Strength
○○○○ ➟ Speed
○○ ➟ Endurance
○○○○ ➟ Tactical Knowledge 

○○○○○○ ➟ Belief in StarClan
●●●●●●●●●● ➟ Herb/Plant Identification 
●●●●●●●●●● ➟ Clan Loyalty
●●●●○○○○○○ ➟ Mentorship Skills

Do to his abilities he was never really able to grasp or keep up with his warrior training, not for a lack of trying on either his or Lionleap's part. His missing leg makes it hard for him to maneuver and give chase after prey. However, he learned to make up for this one hunting patrols by being a magnificent tracker and enabling his patrol to go after more prey. They being focused on the chase while he scouted and kept track of various soon-to-be-freshkill. 

Surprisingly enough, Raywhisker is very quick on his paws when need be. In a fight he relies on his speed to get him in and out and to avoid as many blows as possible. Due to having to give a little extra of each of his remaining three legs and working his body to compensate, this tom cats has a high level of endurance. Not just in the physical sense though, mentally and emotionally he is able to endure quite a bit before breaking down or cracking under pressure. 

Raywhisker's loyalty is to his family first, which is just about the whole of RockyClan as blood isn't a distinction for him, ironically enough. However, his current behavior with his TideClan sweetheart has caused a good bit of guilt to build up. He would do anything for his clan, but he would also do anything for Brightsoul. His belief in StarClan has waned and waxed through his whole life and right now he's just confused about the whole deal. He firmly believes that every choice a cat makes improves or hinders the future for the clans. Therefore, he finds it a bit hard to wrap his head around the idea that StarClan has influence over the future. It makes him wonder if, maybe, a cat's actions really don't or should bare the entire consequence. Needless to say, it's a philosophical question he's not quite ready to explore. 

Raywhisker makes a grand Gatherer, a quick mind, a love for helping and plenty of time spend oggling over flowers when they can pop through the snow. He's good at identifying the herbs from the poisonous plants and good at remember the best spots where they go. Since becoming a Gatherer he's truly blossomed and is less nervous around others than he once was. 

Sadly, one of the joys a warrior usually can receive has been long since out of reach. Raywhisker will never be a mentor, unless a three legged or mute kitten comes along, then he might just be able to talk his leader into something. But, since he can not speak, he can not relay orders or explain things. Wild gestures and facial expression only get one cat so far. 


Resourceful l Generous l Softhearted l Overly-Sensitive l Apprehensive l Focused

:bulletgreen: Resourceful I bet I can use the vines to secure the bolder then use the sticks to keep it from rolling away!"
        Raywhisker is about the most resourceful cat you will ever find. With a double disability, Raywhisker has had to learn to work around and re-work many things over his young life. Yet, he is not one to complain and simply strives to find the best way to continue pushing forward. Without speech he has learned to over exaggerate his body language and even created a code between his siblings for crude conversations. From learning how to fight with his single back leg rather than his front paws, giving him extreme kicking power, to learning how to maneuver sticks and logs to move heavier object, Raywhisker can come up with a plan to get around just about anything. His resourcefulness is mostly stemmed from a more subconscious desire to prove himself and show off in his own way. As an apprentice he was always being watched for that one moment he might show that he could not keep up. He could never show off his hunting skills like Rowanblaze or do tricks like some of the other apprentices. So a small corner of himself has always striven to show off what he can do.  

:bulletgreen: Generous No, really, it's fine. You have it, I can always get something else."
        Raywhisker is the epitome of generosity. He will give all of himself to make someone else happy. Giving up prey and nest for others who need more than he. Raywhisker is always ready to help out, offer a paw, or give whatever is necessary to the cause and he never asks anything in return, doesn't even think to. It seem impossible for the tom to say no, but this is not the case, he is no pushover and can put his paw down when the situation calls for it. He was terrible at not saying no when he was younger but has since learned better. But with his genial personality and open nature he genuinely wants and likes to help others. Ray gets the greatest of satisfaction from seeing someone else safe or happy from his toil or offering. Once Raywhisker commits to something, there is never any turning back, no matter the possible costs. If it is the right thing to do, Raywhisker will do it.

:bulletyellow: Softhearted
        Both his vice and his virtue. Raywhisker defiantly has a kind and open personality. He never hides what he is feeling and is always willing to take in everyone's opinions, personalities, and histories. However, Raywhisker can be a little bit of a bleeding heart as he strives to make everyone happy, please everyone around him, and care for even those who do not deserve his kindness. He goes well out of his way for every cat he meets and more or less instantly takes to cats. He often takes for granted that not all cats are what they seem on the outside but he has good enough instincts to stay away from truly nefarious persons. Raywhisker is compassionate and willing to give second, third, and forth chances to those who are willing earn them. He would prefer the clans as one so that borders would not be necessary and prey could be shared. He is passive by nature and will never unsheathe his claws on another cat unless the circumstances are dire. Raywhisker has a soft spot for she-cats, not in a sexual sense mind you, but he thinks them soft yet incredibly strong and can easily befriend them, because he knows he's not intimidating. Most of his friends, unsurprisingly, are she-cats and he can unfortunately cause some tension with other male at times. He is an affectionate tom, and his disability sometimes demands physical communication, and some males are a bit awkward with physical affection. Raywhisker, at times, does forget not everyone likes to be close and can get himself into trouble with others over it. Yet, it's easy enough to tell him no, he'll never forget and will respect your wishes.

:bulletred: Overly-Sensitive
        A trait that has build up since he was very young. When he first realized he was different from the rest of the cats he wasn't sure how to react. He wasn't treated unkindly and he understood why some cats worried about his future contributions to the clan, yet nothing was ever said to him to cause this. All of his uncertainty and sensitivity came from within. If someone is displeased with him, if he has a small failure, or if something minor goes wrong on his watch, Raywhisker can become very disturbed and often reprimands himself severely. Any pointing at his missing limb or talk about his muteness can send this tom seek the comfort of his mother or mate. It's very rare for him to get down on himself, but he takes most things to heart and can take those a little too far. Off handed comments
can be the worst for Raywhisker. He wont mention anything and Ray's got a great poker face to get out of the conversation, but he keeps so much bottled up that sometimes it's just too much. On the flip side, Raywhisker is a very innocently minded cat and is easily flustered in conversations which fall into a sexual nature. He will also get severely riled up if someone (generally males) speak about a female, or females in general, in a derogatory since. Raywhisker is generally a sensitive tom, for better or worse, he cares for everyone but he is very soft himself and often can forget that he can't take everything so personally. 

:bulletred: Apprehensive
        Raywhisker has an interestingly high level of self preservation. He was never the apprentice to explore and push boundaries, never the one to test the limits of his own abilities (generally because he was one of the few who knew their limit instinctively), and was generally the one to play it safe. Being pushed too far outside his comfort zone can cause Raywhisker to shut down, unless he's in the mind set to do it for someone else's sake, then he can sometimes push past his wariness to work on the problem at hand. Generally, though, Raywhisker is highly cautious and apprehensive. If it sounds like a bad idea it probably is and he'd best warn someone with more authority than he that there might need to be new nests in the healers den post haste. The one thing Raywhisker is not apprehensive about is getting others if someone is about to do something against the rules or plain foolish. He will get beta's the deputy or even the leader and explain or lead them to the instigator. Call it snitching, but Raywhisker understands the value of life and would rather have someone sore at him but safe then to live with the guilt that he could have done something but chose not to. Raywhisker is a social butterfly, but is easily intimidated by larger tom cats, such as his leader Cragstar, and has a hard time looking them in the eye and generally being in their presence. He tends to shy away from patrols and mingling until he gets to know them better, which can take a while as he tends to slink away unnoticed.  

:bulletgreen: Focused
        Raywhisker hones his wondering mind through moons of training and meditative thought. Lionleap was a wonderful mentor for the young tom. Being his father gave him a safety net of always knowing the deputy had his best interest at heart and was always striving to make him better. Lionleap was the disciplinary force that really kept Raywhisker on the straight and narrow and never allowed him to give up on himself or make excuses. Raywhisker has a natural talent for sitting still, his high level of patience is almost ridiculous, and his ability to stay on task is commendable to say the least. It is nearly impossibly to tear this tom away from something he is intent on as he tends to forget the world around him until he is finished. He is very quick on his feet and always determined to do his utmost in anything that is asked of him. He can get flustered and highly disappointed if he can not attain or meet his goals, but will pick himself up and dust himself off to have a go at it once again once he has rethought his processes.  

- T A L E N T -
Reading Others 
      Raywhisker has the uncanny ability to read a cat. He can feel emotions the way most others feel vibrations. Perhaps it is to compensate for his lack of voice, his inability to ask 'are you alright'. Or maybe it comes from his biological mother, a healer with a high spiritual connection? Whatever the case, it is hard to conceal your true feelings or intent from this cat. He's a perfect kitty lie detector. This can rub some cats the wrong way and has caused more than a little friction over the moons, so Raywhisker tends to keep this trait to himself unless it is asked of him to reveal what he thinks on one topic or another. 

      Being silent has always been Raywhisker's strong point. When he was born he was missing his left back leg and the ability to speak. Silence has always been his field, after her managed to learn how to walk with out crashing about like a beached fish. While Raywhisker will never, physically, be a good hunter he compensate by finding prey and keeping his quarry in his sights. He's known for being able to find a cat anywhere, he's not generally included in hide-and-seek anymore.

      If there is one skill he excels in, it is listening. However, if you want advice you better watch him closely, he wont repeat himself. He is willing to hear anyone out, keep any secret, and learn any tale. Raywhisker enjoys trying to help others out, despite his lack of voice, and when you give him some of your time you will have an ally for life. 


Pre-Group History

Raywhisker was born to Snowfall, healer of RockyClan, 

Roleplay History

Coming Soon

- H E R I T A G E -

[Mother] Snowfall 
[Father] Unknown

[Adoptive Mother] Redfawn
[Adoptive Father] Lionleap

[Siblings] Fieldpaw [Deceased] Saltstreak [??]
[Adoptive Siblings] Poppylight, Sandflower, Rowanshade
[Nieces / Nephews] N/A

[Mate] N/A
[Past Mates] N/A
[Current Attractions] Brightsoul [TideClan]

[Litters] N/A (Soooon...ish)


Roleplay Availability
✔ Notes | Happy to, if you're asking please start us off~
✔ Skype | I usually only give my skype to those I know well, but just talk to me a bit and I'm sure it wont be a problem
✘ Chats | Sometimes I'll pop in a chat and rp, but no serious rps as they are hard to save here and my computer doesn't like da chats

Roleplay Ratings
✔ G/PG | --
✔ PG-13 | --
✘ M | Nope.

Clansofthenorth and Application Layout (c) to NlKNAK
Reference Sheet (c) Elesette
Art/Character (c) INfernoLynx and NlKNAK 
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INfernoLynx Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tell me when your available. I want some RayxBright love :love:
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Wow this week was busy, sorry hun.
But I am free now~ All my family-bonding obligations are over with, woot!
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       I would LOVE TO YES PLEASE~

       I like the way you think, that sounds like a lot of fun~ It would be nice to catch up with these two love birds :love:
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Lithestep Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
i think i'm using the same font as you on my apps : O funny coincidence ^^ 
my fave rp with Ray was when he came back to camp and how Redfawn reacted to seeing him after thinking he had died ;; i feel like it was emotional. i wish i had saved that rp ;A; at least we have the memory i guess x3
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome *high five*

Oh gosh yes, that was my favorite as well, I'll see if I don't have it saved, I always try to save them. 
It was quite emotional, the relief and happyness was so sweet, I loved how the family just gathered together. And I love how Redfawn and Lionleap and their kits came to Dan as well as if he were theirs. That really made the rp for me~! <3<3<3
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NlKNAK Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

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Pheasant-Fox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright :3 But yes, the original reason for me stalking Ray's ref was to find out if his rouge father had a name and as it turns out he is unknown. Would it be ok for me to make the rouge I have created Rays father? The WHOLE time I was colouring him I was thinking "This is kinda like Raypaw..." and I think it would be interesting to roleplay them if ray were to suddenly meet his father. Just a thought!
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

Ah, I see. Yap, his father was an unknown rogue. Hm...I dunno, Ray doesn't know he is not Redfawn and Lionstar's child. I think it would deeply wound him to know he is the product of a rogue...I don't think I like the idea, sorry hun.
Pheasant-Fox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww that's ok, just thought it would make for a good plot twist but if you think not I understand x3
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jaxces Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Student General Artist
What happened to his leg? D:
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
He was born with out it, he was also born mute and both his brothers have defects as well. They were born premature and their mother did not take care of herself while pregnant.
jaxces Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh. :c
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Yea, kind of sad, but they are all very healthy, very active kitties!
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