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Kurei Shuhou -- is a jounin-level kunoichi of Sunagakure and a member of the Shuhou Clan. After recovering from a strange blood disease as a child, Kurei was assigned to Team Daisaku and started on a path to prove her worth to herself and her family. During her genin days, and due to her rare Water Release in the desert, the young kunoichi was recruited to the Mizugame Ryodan as a Tracker, where she thrived. Kurei's creation of Toxic Release, as well as her various poison jutsu's, quickly gained her the moniker Suna no Doku Ibara (する の どく イばら ; lit. The Poison Barb of the Sand) as well as Chimei Dokuyaku Ken no Kurei (Kurei of the Fatal Poison Dart). Shortly before her promotion to chunin, Kurei learned that her family had lost track of her eldest sister, Uiiki, while taking on their clans biggest and most challenging trial, Kami no Kado (ネ申 門 lit. Gate of Gods). Kurei chases after her sister in order to bring her home but in doing so enters into the trials herself, which has a major impact on her personality and outlook on the world going forward. Sometime after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurei is appointed the leader of Team 13 as well as promoted as the Supervisor of the Mizugame Ryodan. Years after the War she marries the Fifth Kazekage, Gaara, and the pair start a family together. Prior to the birth of their first daughter, Kurei and Gaara adopt a young orphan boy, Hiei, who becomes the fifth Jinchuriki of Shukaku and Kurei's right-hand assistant.

Name Meaning: Ku means "Nine", Rei means "Expression of Gratitude", Shuhou means "Battery"
Pronunciation: Shoe-hoe ; Cuu-ray
Birthday: October 21st (Libra)
Age: Part I: 14-15 ; Part II: 17-18 ; Part III: 24-25 ; Next Generation: 41-42
Gender: Female
Height: Part I: 142.34 cm (4'6") ; Part II: 155.28 cm (5'0") ; Part III and NG: 163.28 cm (5'3") 
Weight: Part I: 29.35 kg (64.7 lbs) ; Part II: 39.17 kg (86.3 lbs) ; Part III and NG: 60.32 kg (132.9 lbs)
Blood Type: O+ 


18px-Land of Wind Symbol.svg Land of Wind --- Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure 
Shuhou Clan
Allied Shinobi Forces Symbol Shinobi Allied Forces
Sunagakure Advisory Council
Mizugame Ryodan

  • --- Academy Teacher (briefly) 
    • Just after becoming jounin, Kurei and the rest of Team Thirteen were asked to substitute for a few of the academy teachers who were injured in the previous raid on the Sunagakure water towers. This it easy enough, Kurei and company went to their assigned classrooms. Shortly thereafter all three made their way to the Kazekage office to explain why a portion of the grounds had been set on fire. While Kurei thoroughly enjoyed the experience, she realized a classroom would never be her true calling. 
  • --- Secretary to the Kazekage  
    • An on-again off-again job. During down time Kurei often makes it a point to help Gaara around the office. Assisting with paperwork and organization and running any errands he needs. It's the job that first brought them into contact for more than an hour at a time and where they spent the most time getting to know one another and bound. Originally, Kurei was ordered to observe some down time after a minor mental break concerning her sensei's health. She agreed on one condition, that she was doing something productive in the meantime. Gaara, having been in the Kazekage seat for a short while needed some extra hands on deck and set the Shuhou girl to work alongside Temari and Kankuro. 
  • --- Kazekage's Bodyguard (Self Proclaimed) 
    • Kurei's need to protect is a profound part of who she is. Once Kurei recognized her budding feeling for the Kazekage and the need to get to know him better, she put herself at his side and refused to budge for any reason. She used the opportunity to expose him to her group of friends and acquaintance as well as to help him engage in social situations he had not been around prior. She empathized with his past and was endeared by Gaara's strength of rising above it. Kurei's open and affectionate personality allowed her to bridge the gap that had formed between Gaara and his people while subsequently allowing him to become curious of the new person now in the forefront of his life. While at first the forward actions puzzled the young Kazekage, Gaara came to realize the depth of Kurei's feelings thought such action, finding that when she was at his side she seemed to truly belong there. After all these years, the title is more of a loving joke among those closest to them (but Kurei is always ready to defend and make good on that title should the situation arise). 
  • --- Supervisor of Administration, Mizugame Ryodan (As of The Last)
    • While it took some time getting there, Kurei's dedication and overwhelming abilities made her a top candidate for the position of supervisor after her long run as an Extractor. She took on the job Post-War and took on a team of genin trainees as well. Around the time she was announced to be infertile, not making conception a complete impossibility but making it much harder, Kurei through herself into her work. Often, this lead to accidents and on one major occasion her kidnapping and relegation to a wheel chair. All in all, after the birth of her children, Kurei settled into the position and continues to manage the Mizugame Ryodan throughout her golden years. (The Mizugame Ryodan: A Guild)
  • --- Sunagakure Advisory Council Member (Next Generation)
    • After several major injuries from her youth begin to cause her trouble, Kurei retires from field work at the behest of her loved ones. With the retirement of one of the eldest council members a seat opens up and it is offered to Kurei. Humbly, she accepts. Her exceptional intelligence, political prowess, and notoriety in other villages makes her a valued addition to the council. The position as member of the council gave Kurei a way to fill in the gap of shinobi work as well as offering a way to give back to her village and protect the ninja within.
  • --- Jinruishi Daisaku (34)*, Discharged from Duty (Work-Related Disabilities), Academy Teacher
    • Former leader of Team Thirteen. During the time skip, Team Thirteen feel into a trap which caused their sensei permanent damage to his tenketsu along his right leg and abdomen. By 'The Last', Jinruishi has recovered from his rehabilitation and become an Academy Teacher where he will, eventually, mentor and teach Kurei and Gaara's children. Kurei and Jinruishi had a rocky and highly volatile relationship when she was genin but have sense grown closer and fonder of one another, though to this day Daisaku-sensei is the only person who can truly bring out Kurei's explosive blue streak and extreme ire. 
  • --- Hin Noukotsudou (20)*, 
    • Hin and Kurei's relationship has always been one of equals and close companionship. They were betrothed to one another at a young age and were set up on many play dates and the like. While Hin realized early on what was developing, he shielded Kurei and took responsibility and pressure on himself. Hin was year older than Kurei and as such started the Academy before her, this while she was still in the hospital. He would be responsible for introducing them to their third teammate Taba. Kurei trusts Hin the most out of everyone she knows to do what needs to be done. They have similar moral codes and are willing to do just about the same thing to meet their end goal. Very much cut from the same cloth, Hin and Kurei make an explosive duo. Anger one and expect the other on your heels shortly.
  • --- Taba Matsurika (19)*, 
    • Taba is the balance of the group. He's a bit of a clown with a big heart and a loud mouth. Generally, his filter is on vacation and he has a habit of blurting out the first thing which pops into his brain. Wicked smart but socially inept he becomes the butt of many jokes. However, Kurei learned how to sober the jokester up and get him serious and focused. He's a true friend to Kurei and uncompromisingly loyal. Where Kurei and Hin are ready to rush forward, Taba is there to drag them back and remind them to look at the scenery of life. As genin he was constantly running after his teammates and getting them out of traps. Sometimes he would go on whole monologues while Kurei and Hin hung out in a net trap. Both realized that listening to Taba would probably keep them alive longer than not doing such. A fact Taba is smug and happy to remind them of. 
Students: Often referred to as the HiRiRi Trio.
  • --- Ondori Homura (Part III 12-13 ; Next Generation 29-30), 
    • Ondori is the trouble maker of the trio. He is the oldest by age though mentally a child. He enjoys using his vocal-based clan techniques to frighten and startle others. Ondori means well, though he's a timid little thing who talks a big game but is a bit of a puss. He grows more confident the more he works in the Mizugame Ryodan and becomes very attached to Kurei, seeing her as something of an older sister. She is, perhaps, the only authority figure he ever listens to or does not sass. Ondori learns to rein in his pranks and, with maturity, he becomes the leader of the group and grows very close with both Haari and Hikkaku. Kurei realizes his need for attention, as she had felt the same as a child from a big family, and actively works to give him the praise when he deserves it.
  • --- Haari Amani (Part III 9-10 ; Next Generation 26-27), 
    • Haari is the darling of the team. As a selective mute it's hard to ever get a firm word out of her. She spends most of her time writing with water or a stick in the sand as well as facial and body language. Haari, despite her self-inflicted ability is a scrapper. Her sheer, natural strength is vastly superior to any of her agemates and could put a full grown shinoi to shame. She is, however, terrified of men (generally ages 18+), and has a severely hard time warming up to her male teammates. Overtime, and with exposure, Haari is able to concur her fear and push past it to live a more normal life. Kurei and Haari are like mother and daughter, you do not f*** with Haari, Kurei will kick your ass. Kurei enjoys lavishing attention on Haari who was so starved for it after coming from such a broken home. At times, Kurei seems to understand exactly what Haari is saying even when she doesn't say a thing. It creeps some people out a touch.
  • --- Hikkaku Inusayama (Part III 11-12 ; Next Generation 28-29),
    • Hikkaku is an old soul in a young body. He has a pack of sand-stripped jackal puppets whom he talks through. His mouth is always covered and each jackal get's a different voice when they talk. He is stand offish and anti-social, though he will follow and order to a T and has no qualms about killing. Something Kurei has to temper and explain. At first Hikkaku undermined Kurei and pretty much isolated himself from the group until she got one of his jackal puppets fixed by Kankuro. The gesture did not go unnoticed and Hikkaku started to warm up to everyone. The one who brought him out of his shell, though, was Haari. They could have a novels worth of conversation with their eyes alone and sometimes Hikkaku would use his puppets to hold Haari's half of the conversation. 
Animal Summoning: 
  • --- Name
    • Ikui (Eternal Well -i.e. one that never runs dry-)
  • --- Animal 
  • --- Appearance
    • Ikui is a small, soft golden buff desert kangaroo rat with dark honey brown eyes and a white underbelly and legs. Ikui wears a golden bracelet on it's right forearm with the Suna symbol engraved on it.
  • --- Abilities
    • Ikui, like all the contracted desert kangaroo rats, is used by members of the Mizugame Ryodan to track for water in the desert. 
    • Can use the Water Vibration Tracking Technique and Exploding Bubble Trail Technique.
    • With the rat's typical large back legs comes great kicking power and Ikui is known to be able to do damage to various objects by kicking them.
  • --- Personality 
    • Ikui is a sweet companion who enjoys light conversation, sprinkled with gossip, and cuddling with her summoner. She is soft spoken and a peace keeper. She enjoys helping others and making their jobs easier but isn't afraid to get into the mix and fight when needed.

  • --- Name

  • --- Animal 

  • --- Appearance

  • --- Abilities

  • --- Personality 

Classification: Short to Mid Range/Special Jonin ; Poison Specialist
Ninja Registration: #54-009
Academy Grad. Age: 11 (Academics) 13 (Applied Techniques)
Jonin Prom. Age: 17
Missions Completed: 704**
D-Rank: 114|C-Rank: 223|B-Rank: 251|A-Rank: 106|S-Rank: 10

  • --- Weapon Appearance:
  • --- Special Abilities:

  • Ninjutsu: 2
  • Taijutsu: 1
  • Genjutsu: 3
  • Intelligence: 2.5
  • Strength: 0.5
  • Speed: 1.5
  • Stamina: 2
  • Hand Seals: 3.5
  • TOTAL: 16
Due to the prolonged hospitalization, Kurei's physical abilities where severely diminished by the time she graduated to genin. However, her intelligence and mental abilities were well honed. Kurei showed a natural aptitude toward the detection and dispersal of genjutsu at a young age and was proficient in hand seals as well.

Part I
  • Ninjutsu: 2.5
  • Taijutsu: 1
  • Genjutsu: 3.5
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 2
  • Stamina: 4
  • Hand Seals: 3.5
  • TOTAL: 20.5
Kurei spends most of her time building up her stamina during her genin years. Her natural inclination for it helps her not only regain a substantial amount but surpass her expected levels. Her sensie focuses on honing her impressive speed and increasing her proficiency in ninjutsu.

Part II
  • Ninjutsu: 4
  • Taijutsu: 1.5
  • Genjutsu: 3.5
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Strength: 1.5
  • Speed: 4.5
  • Stamina: 4
  • Hand Seals: 3.5
  • TOTAL: 26.5
During the timeskip is when Kurei has her greatest amount of growth, after joining the Mizugame Ryodan where she flourishes. She also gathers more techniques outside of her Toxic Release to include Chakra Absorption and Water Release Jutsu. 

During Shippuden her speed become her most impressive commodity, paired with her chakra prowess and control make her a frighting opponent and valued ally.  While she continues to take various shinobi missions, her priorities stay with the Mizugame Ryodan and the search for water for the Village Hidden in Sand.

Kurei has slightly tanned skin from the exposure of sun and sand in her home in Sunagakure. Her hair is a silky clay brown and very soft as she takes pride in taking care of it. It's also naturally straight and smooth though it is known to curl toward the face as it gets longer or when wet. Taking after her father, Saisei, rather than the curl from her mother, Toge. Her eyebrows are small and rounded rather than the typical long, rectangular brows, as inherited from the Shuhou Clan. Her eyes are deep set and are an earthy green color with a silver (purple in Shippuden) band around the pupil. She has long legs, giving her a long stride and good power for kicking. Despite her long legs, Kurei is noticeably lacking in the height department. She doesn't mind being below average in height, but does mind the jokes some people attempt. She is 'fun-sized' thank you very much. Kurei gains a set of four scars on her left shoulder, they start just above her breast and curve over to draw down her back, stopping just above the shoulder blade. She gains a second broad scar, identical to Gaara's Scar, on the left side of her abdomen post The Last. 

  • --- Deep set and not nearly as wide as most of her age group, giving her a mature and often serious or maternal look.
  • --- Thick lashes 
  • --- Triangular clan tattoo at bottom corner of each eye
  • --- Dual Heterocromia, dusky green with a muted purple ring around a small pupil
  • --- Like the rest of her clan, her eye brows are small and rounded
  • --- Short (cut short at the back, falling longer in the front), blunt, angular cut with a long bang in middle of face
  • --- Straight when short but will slightly curl as it grows longer
  • --- Silky and smooth
  • --- Healthy, light olive color, tans easily
  • --- Thin, easily bruises
  • --- Well maintained
  • --- Freckles oh shoulders and back may appear with extended sun exposure
  • --- Roman/aquilian 
  • --- Oval, lightly angular, and feminine 
  • --- Strong, proud jaw
Distinguishing Features: 

Cup Size:
  • --- 32 A

  • A rotund clay bottle with a substantial wooden cork. The surface is rough with obvious wear but it is sturdy and Kurei trusts in it absolutely. It's almost half her size. The jug is adorned with  two large seals to fix the weight and allow the jug to hold more water than it typically could, as well as a thick woven rope-belt to allowed it to be carried comfortable on the back.

Makeup: None

Scent: A soft floral scent with a misty undertone, like a spring rain.



Clan: Shuhou (Shuhou Clan's Traditions and Workings)
Immediate Family: 
  • --- Tenousei Shuhou, Paternal Grandfather, Patriarch of the Shuhou Clan

  • --- Saisei Shuhou, Father, Clan Leader, First Seat, and Leader of Primary (Offensive) Branch

  • --- Toge Shuhou, Mother, Retired Special Jounin, Academy Teacher

  • --- Ibara Hari, Maternal Grandmother, Tea Shop Owner

  • --- Uiiki Shuhou, Eldest Sister, Jounin

  • --- Suigin Shuhou, Uncle, Leader of the Secondary Branch, Second Seat

  • --- Jyuukiou Shuhou, Cousin, Special Jounin

  • --- Itsuka Shuhou, Cousin, Political Speaker

Marital Status: Married (Post-War)
Partner: Sabaku no Gaara 
  • --- Rurachi

  • --- Usubi

  • --- Chihei

  • --- Heiji (Adopted)

"Our time is too precious to spend it on the things we don't enjoy or can't control. So get out of my way, I have a life to live!"

"What needs to be done, must be done."

Ambition/Lifelong Dream:
  • To live long enough to see peace come to the ninja world and encourage the next generation to do better than her's did.
  • To start a family.


  • --- Poison Making and Antidote Creation
    • Kurei enjoys the challenge of breeding new plant species to create new, natural poisons as well as chemically making some. She gets various samples from all around the ninja world and works to either replicate them or create antidotes for them. Kurei finds something very thrilling in 'mad-scienceing' poison then breaking them down with an antidote. Not every poison has a cure, however.
  • --- Cultivating Cacti
    • During her time making hybrid plants, Kurei stumbled onto cacti and fell in love with the plant. She started working on a poisonous cacti variety which could hold chakra and be triggered to release it's needles in a projectile fashion when triggered. Later she started breeding differently colored cacti flowers with the intention of giving them to friends and family. Once Kurei found out Gaara likewise enjoyed the cultivation and care of cacti they began to work together. She has worked hard to find the rarer species to show him and thrives in the smiles and looks of awe Gaara gives when she succeeds. 
  • --- Gardening
    • Kurei's passion with her poisons led her to a passion of gardening and tending to flowers and various greenery. It's a very soothing and relaxing thing, plus flowers don't demand anything but a little attention and gentle affection. Kurie took it upon herself to tend to the greenhouse when she found it understaffed in her genin years and worked to bring it up to be a fine establishment by the time The Last rolls around. Likewise, she tends to various desert gardens around Sunagakure. The one in the home she and her husband share is filled with vibrant and rare desert specimen and the one at the Kage manor is stocked with many sweet smelling plants.
  • --- Paper Work with Gaara
    • This first started when Kurei volunteered to help Gaara when he first became Kazekage, they would spend ample time around one another and would find that many of their helpers snuck out of the office when they put their heads together to work on a particularly nasty document or get started on an obviously lengthy political discussion. Working together became a bonding ritual and they would often exchange information about themselves above the soft rustling of paper and familiar pattern of the day. Kurei often got to the Kage office early to ensure that things would be in order and ready for the Kazekage when he arrived, especially on days when she was off on a mission or working with the Mizugame Ryodan. During her retirement Kurei is still very active in assisting her husband in the office, though she spends much more time perched on the edge of Gaara's desk or in his lap. 
  • --- Watching Sunsets/Sunrises
    • There were very few days where Kurei didn't watch a sunset turn into a sunrise when working with Gaara in his office. These were the times where they would grab a quick snack, something to drink, and make their way to the roof where they would watch the sky change colors until it was inky black or bright blue. Many of their dates were marked by a sunrise or sunset. Kurei loves the way the colors melt across the sky sometimes like a fire licking across the expanse of the horizon, and sometimes like a rainbow, with hues and bands of vibrant and glorious color stretching across the sky. Kurei is willing to drop almost anything to watch and admire and share the moment with someone special.
  • --- Strategy Games
    • While Kurei would never dream to beat Shikamaru in a game of Go, he did introduce her to the wonderful world of strategy games. When things get too stressful, or there is a problems she just can't solve, Kurei retreats to her quite place and pulls out a game or two and lets the world melt away as she contemplates the game. Often, she gets so focused on her own internal monologue as she plays that she is quite startled when the game is already at it's conclusion. When on the battle field it is not uncommon for Kurei to absently comment like she would with a board game. Kurei is a pretty good sport about loosing but is hella competitive regardless and always aims to win, even if it's a close one. "A win is a win by any margin".
Good Habits: 
  • --- Remarkable memory, once seen or heard Kurei can recall registered facts with a few simple cues.
  • --- Amiable and easy going, able to get along with the majority of people and fit into a variety of social situations. 
  • --- Analytically minded, a strong leader, and impressive tactician, highly attentive to details 
  • --- Strong will and force of character, Kurei is not easily daunted nor swayed by opinions of external forces
  • --- Knows who she is and what she wants, willing to work and exert the effort to get where she wants to go, never compromise her morals or who she is for anyone.
  • --- Clever, with a quick mind and wit, known for her cool head and logical pattern of thought, good common sense
  • --- Practical and reliable, known to be very supportive and encouraging of others
  • --- Has an honest perspective on life and straightforward, doesn't mix words
Bad Habits:
  • --- Prideful and a major perfectionist
  • --- Critical of the details and quality of things
  • --- Bad habit of picking things and apart when upset
  • --- Dark sense of humor and cruel psychological player when pushed beyond her limits  
  • --- Has a tendency to over work herself and not properly take care of her self, mostly through forgetting to eat or not getting enough sleep
  • --- Terribly protective of her loved ones and her freedom, will resist any and all attempts of irrational limitation concerning her freedom, will hold a grudge and seek to get justice against those who harm her loved ones or the innocent (if she were a billionaire she would be a vigilantly *nods*)
  • --- Being left alone, either through abandonment or her loved ones dying
  • --- Failing/Disappointing those important to her or failing to preform/protect/be there when needed
  • --- Being out of control of her body/mind/actions, being controlled and doing something against her will
  • --- Fire. 
  • --- Becoming disabled and thus unable to protect and serve
  • --- Adding on to the above, she is afraid of being obsolete or useless or unneeded and forgotten
Coping Mechanisms:
  • --- When feeling scared or anxious Kurei finds a calm, quite, secluded place and does a serious of breathing exercises to calm and focus the mind.
  • --- If these fail, Kurei often seeks out the physical presents of someone she loves. When a child it was her mother or sister Uiiki. As she gets older it becomes friends such as Risu and Temari. Later on Gaara becomes her main source of comfort. Kurei doesn't necessarily need to be physically touching someone, but is the quickest way to calm her down.
  • --- If pensive, lethargic, or largely distracted, Kurei will summon Ikui to hold in her arms and pet.
  • --- When mad Kurei divorces herself from everyone and goes to take her frustrations out on training dummies. Afterward she generally curls up on her bed and cocoons the covers around her to brood or wallow.
  • --- When sad, Kurei finds a place to cry out her sadness until she falls asleep or fixes the problem with a good cry. Rarely will she openly cry in front of others.
  • --- When riled up, it's bad to try and get Kurei to talk instead she appreciates a hug or gentle physical pressure to let her know she's not alone and that there are people waiting for her.
  • --- Kurei is very stubborn and it can take a lot to get her to calm down or open up, she knows this about herself but when emotionally rung out has very little want to correct the behavior. 
  • --- Kurei is a hard worker, with a wide range of knowledge on a variety of subjects, and has the drive to complete tasks set to her at her absolute bests and accepts not sub-par work to pass her hands.
  • --- She is a very flexible person, easily adapting to new situations and quickly able to make plans b-z when necessary. Kurei is also very fluid and flexible on the battle field where she excels at evasion and quick in-then-out attacks.
  • --- Thanks to her Clan's natural abilities and her own diligent work, Kurei is highly skilled at chakra control and has above average chakra reserves.
  • --- Has a knack for reading people, picking up on the subtlest of cues most people miss and accurately identifying sometime obscure facts thought observation alone.
  • --- She is highly observant of her surroundings and the people in them and is known to always follow her gut instinct or reaction in a situation.
  • --- Kurei is a very quick kunoichi both mentally and on the battle field. She has a distinctively sharp mind and is one of the physically fastest ninja in the Sand Village.
  • --- She has zero defense against genjutsu, unless you count her teammate Taba, and is easily swayed by both verbal and visual persuasion when under genjutsu. 
  • --- Extended close combat, she is better at ranged attacks and traps. She is always going to be at a disadvantage against physically stronger opponents and will fall back to rely on ranged ninjutsu attacks. 
  • --- Fire Release when using Toxic Release, will switch to Water Release at this point. 
  • --- Has a habit of overworking herself and sometimes taking on more than she can honestly handle in order to accommodate or help someone/make herself feel useful while under-maintaining her heath during these times.
  • --- While Kurei tries hard not to, she is very good at holding a grudge and letting it consume her. It's a vice she has dealt with on a variety of moments and one which occasionally rears it's ugly head.
  • --- Being a bit of a smartass when underestimated, proving just how worthwhile her contributions are
  • --- People watching and dissecting their behaviors
  • --- Being right
  • --- Watching the sky paint it's self with hues of red and orange and gold
  • --- Dancing in the rain and dancing in general
  • --- Being entrusted with responsibility and feeling like she is needed
  • --- Enjoys being busy/always having something to do
  • --- Physical affection with those she's close too, a strong pair of arms on a dark day

  • --- Her skills or personal worth being called into question
  • --- Stupid/Ignorant people (relating to the above)
  • --- Only having so much time in the day, not able to get everything done when she wants to
  • --- Feeling unnecessary or as if she is in the way
  • --- Being told to 'take it easy', she can take it easy when she's dead thank you
  • --- Being teased or purposefully embarrassed
  • --- Most Genjutsu users
  • --- Being completely out of control of her body/mind/situation
  • --- Failure or not completing a project to 100% satisfaction 



Character Development

Kurei's Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies (And Other Trivia)

Kurei's Headcanon Meme



Kurei Childhood In-Depth


Prior to her hospitalization, Kurei has a pleasant and easy life. She was born bright and early in the morning and from the second she came into the world, Kurei was a bundle of curious energy. She would often spend her days helping her mother in the sand garden at the Shuhou compound, tending to plants and cacti, or in the Suna greenhouse picking roots and berries and medical herbs for the hospital. On a few occasions, Kurei got to make visits to the Wind Temple, delivering medical supplies and various other items. Even at a young age, Kurei never meet a stranger. She enjoyed meeting and interacting with a wide variety of people every chance she could. Her favorite people were the shop owners who gave her free samples whenever she came in. 

At age five, Kurei was hospitalized due to a rare bacterial infection of the blood. After three years with little successive treatment, Dr. Yamawaki, a former medical ninja called in for his expertise on bacteria and poison, finally deduced a plan to help cure Kurei of her infection. The treatment was successful in killing off the bacteria, however, it left Kurei very weak. While she was recuperating, Kurei was able to take and complete her basic level academic studies. With the promise that once she was healthy she could go before the academic panel to be judged on whether or not she could become a genin. Over the next two years, Kurei trained to increase her skills and proficiency in ninja arts, specifically focusing on the Toxic Ninja Arts.

After being cleared to active duty and being assigned teammates, Hin and Taba, along with jounin sensei Jinruishi Daisaku, Kurei began to train and receive various missions. Daisaku-sensei forbid Kurei from using her Toxic Ninja Arts unless she was alone. This caused a sever clashing of wills, but, Kurei relented, bitterly, and instead focused on fitting into the Trap and Ambush theme her teammates seemed adjusted too. Taba was a wizz at setting up traps and Hin could camouflage them with his Cloth Techniques. They relied on Kurei's sensing abilities and tacticians instinct to plan and position their traps. The team flourished and gained a good bit of notoriety for their work.

The Chunin Exam invasion was a trying time for Kurei and her teammates. Due to their successful missions, they were drafted along side the Sand Siblings and a spare few other genin teams to infiltrate the exams for a full scale invasion of Konohagakure. In the first round, Kurei enjoyed riling up the gathered ninja when Naruto opened his big mouth, hoping for a good fight before the test started. She was able to answer the questions on the written exam using her own intelligence, then proceeded to have Hin copy her paper with his Cloth Technique wherein he would pass the answers to Taba, ensuring their passage to the second round. So they thought, the three stayed, not having really any choice due to Sunagakure's plans, earning their true spot in the next round.

The second round found Team Daisaku making a mess of the forest. The focus was for the Sand Siblings to make it to the round, and while there was little doubt in that, Kurei and company needed very little excuse to terrorize the other ninja. They collected as many scrolls as they could, each keeping a tally and bet to see who would have the most at the end of the day. At the end of the five days, following their prior instructions, Kurei opened her teams Heaven Scroll and the team was whisked away but Jinruishi.

A month later, the invasion is set and upon the genjutsu being activated, Team Daisaku flew into action. However, learning of the death of their beloved Kazekage, the team fled after the Sand Siblings, determined to get all involved home. They watched the battle between Gaara and Naruto. Kurei gave Temari her water canteen to give to Gaara before they set off for Sunagakure.

After losing her jounin sensei to injury during the invasion, and needing a way to pay back her debt to the hospital, Kurei enters the Mizugame Ryodan on a contract basis. There she is trained in basic Water Release skills, specifically those necessary to the jobs performed by the group. The condition for paying off her debt is for her to work for six years - though, after the expiration date she is free to leave or stay in the Ryodan. Kurei gradually beings to catch on and enjoys improving alongside her fellow, ninja and civilian alike. She enjoys the larger group environment to the team environment and truly blossoms.

It was obvious early on that Kurei’s physical abilities were lacking. Her small size allowed her great speed but made her vulnerable to physical attacks. Kurei was use to being in the background and working with long ranged techniques, leaving the brawls up to Hin and Taba. So she prioritized learning how to track and pipe water while taking extra defense lessons and weight training to increase her overall endurance. 

While working with the Mizugame Ryodan, Kurei had the fortune to contract with the Nezumikangaru no Sabaku (Desert Kangaroo Rats). She meet with the queen rat, Ouhi Chikaisu. Sensing the genin's ambition and determination, offers for Kurei to becoming part of the “nest” (family), teaching her various secrets and techniques. Now her training is focused on her natural inclination toward speed while also training various evasive techniques to make up for her physical weaknesses. The rats provided ideas for protection, escape, and stealth, all thing with help supplement Kurei’s skills and allowed her to grow further.

A year and a half later, Sunagakure began preparations to co-host the next Chunin exams. For Kurei, it was the opportunity to show her advancement and be promoted. She wanted to prove that the time spent with the Mizugame Ryodan was not wasted. Kurei also believed that she owed Hin and Taba the chance at a promotion to further their own goals.

The first stage of the examinations, Kurei was a bundle of nervous energy as flashes of her first chunin exams gave her pause and a bit of heartache. The first examination was interesting, Kurei earn the most points for the team, being the more observant of her teammates. They managed to pass the bonus question easy enough. The second phase took place as a race across the sesert. Her team had the advantage of knowing the area as well as the conditions offered by the terrain and weather. Hin and Taba took over the battles when/if their traps failed, with Kurei providing cover fire and long-ranged sniper-style attacks from the cover of rocks and ledges. Kurei relied heavily on her Toxic Ninja Art throughout the second stage, testing the neurological and hallucinogenic effects. Team Daisaku got the Earth Scroll early on an arrived at the tower in Demon Desert by the start of day two. 

The third stage rolled around and Kurei found herself fighting against a more experienced, and far more ruthless, ninja from the Kusagakure. His specialty turned out to be lightning and close ranged combat techniques, the worst possible type of opponent for Kurei. At first she did well to avoid his high powered attacks with her speed and agility, however, Kurei quickly realized that he was stalling for time while subsequently driving her into a corner. Making a game ending mistake, Kurei left herself open to a barrage of attacks which inflicted sever injuries to her person. In the end, she was continuously beaten with little time to fight back, though she did get the opportunity to poison the man which caused him to slow down considerably. She was ashamed and embarrassed that she had slipped up like a novice. So she continued to rise against the onslaught of attack, the examiner seemed in no hurry to stop the fight, leaving Kurei to take brutal hit after brutal hit.

More than likely, the fight would have ended in tragedy if not for the Kazekage’s intervention. Seeing the obvious killing intent against the kunoichi, Gaara sent a wall of sand to defend Kurei. He did not want to bring upon unnecessary death, furthermore, the outcome of the match was already decided. Hin and Taba rushed Kurei to the medic tent for treatment. Stubbornly, Kurei left her cot to watch the other Suna ninja’s fights. After the exams, Kurei feel into a mild depressive state. She was highly disappointed in herself and her abilities, expecting greater results from her training, never mind that the opponent had at least 10 years more experience and wasn’t above killing her to win.

 Shortly after the end of the matches, Gaara had come to check on the injured and reminded Kurei that, while she had lost, she had performed admirably and had shown an impressive repertoire of skills. Even with his assurance, Kurei berated herself for her actions, not truly understanding his words for what they were. It was only after receiving the official document stating she had received the promotion, that Kurei realized Gaara had seen in her the skills necessary for chunin level. Faith restored in her skills, Kurei left the gloom behind to pursue more avenues with her Toxic Ninja Art, as well as to understand why they had failed against the Kusa ninja.

Prior to the kidnapping of the Kazekage, the massive water tanks were attacked by a contracted gang of rouge ninja. Kurei, in effort to protect the towers, lead a small group of early responding shinobi to head off the gang’s reinforcements. The team was able to find shelter in an abandoned and dilapidated building and begin a counterattack. In the battle, the integrity of the building was severely damaged and collapsed, causing a pipeline from somewhere under the ruble to go off with a bang. Kurei and company were buried in the rubble. Kurei was rendered unconscious by the concussive force of the explosion. One of the Suna shinobi who was able to, went for help and quickly came across the Sand siblings. They came to the rescue of the buried and still fighting shinobi, making quick work of the gang before providing assistance to remove the injured from the rubble. Kurei had been lucky enough to avoid severe damage to the head, but her legs suffered major injuries. Even upon rousing, Gaara decided Kurei was not fit to walk and elected to carry her to the hospital himself.

Gaara forced Kurei to step down from ninja missions until she was given an all clear by a medical professional, and even requested her to retire from the Mizugame Ryodan. This was perhaps the worst fight the two have ever had. After a while, Kurei could get back on her feet for longer periods of time with mild discomfort. She was assured a favorable recovery by Dr. Yamawaki. All the brakes to her bones had been clean and, due to her age and general rate of healing, the tears in her muscles would mend nicely. She just had to be patient and not acerbate the injuries. While on forced leave, Kurei found solace in using her abilities to manage the irrigation of the green house and soil around Suna.

Part of her recovery included physical rehabilitation to strengthen her weakened muscles. Desperate, Kurei appealed to the rat queen for help, asking her to trainer her to become stronger. However, it was not enough as the primary abilities of the rats was not physical combat by tracking and evasive techniques. Seeing her frustration, Temari made the offer to work with her. However, Temari would often make excuses to send Gaara in her place. As such, the young Kazekage became a frequent visitor to the hospital - much to the delight of the nurses - to assist in Kurei's rehabilitation. They sometimes met outside whenever Kurei started to feel trapped, memories of her childhood haunting her. During these moments, they often exchanged political rumors and talked shop. Kurei letting Gaara rant a bit about the more stressful points of his work, and Gaara providing a welcome distraction for Kurei. It was cathartic for both individuals and the training became a long standing practice even after her rehabilitation was over. On the days when they could not train, and Kurei wasn’t busy with the Mizugame Ryodan or a mission, she would help out in Gaara’s office, filing papers or running errands, doing anything asked of her and many things that were not. Overtime, the pair bonded on a deeper level and started to make it a point to find (or invent) excuses to meet. 

The day of the Kazekage' kidnapping and subsequent death, Kurei was out on a 

Pein's Invasion

The War

After her triplets had become genin, Kurei was offered a place as an adviser to the Council. Humbly she accepted. Her exceptional intelligence and political prowess, along with her notoriety in other villages, made her a natural choice for a seat on the council. While she doesn't do as much field work in her adult years, Kurei still supervises the Mizugame Ryodan and oversees maintenance for the water towers.




  • Kurei is a sensor type jounin with good chakra control and naturally fast speed. She is regarded as a practical and fundamentally fair women who is a hard worker and trustworthy individual. Her unique skills with her infamous Toxic Release and work with the Mizugame Ryodan have earned her a great deal of respect and admiration throughout Sunagakure. Kurei has worked hard to get her name out and about, mingling and mixing with the various people within the village to grow trust and gain valuable connections, informants, and supporters. This has gained her a reputation of being shrewd and clever as well as connecting her to the people she serves and protects on whole other level.


  • Naruto

  • Shikamaru

  • Ino

  • Choji

  • Gai

  • Meiousei

  • Ritsumei


Kurei Shippuden Logo by NlKNAK


No More Gel (Gaara Fic-lit)    It had been a while since Gaara had come to visit Konohagakure. His reasons for this particular visit were, first and foremost, for the Kage Summit that the Hidden Leaf, specifically Naruto Uzumaki, was hosting. Secondly, but nonetheless important to the Kazekage, was to visit his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Though, really, any excuse to see the vibrant greenery the Land of Fire boasted was always welcomed.
    Currently, Temari sat across from him in the living area of her husbands home, pouring over her scrolls and on what was likely to be her fifth cup of tea. It didn’t seem to be ‘cleansing the mind and calming the soul’ as the box boasted it should. Gaara gave his sister an appraising look over his laced fingers as he waited. Not having to wait long, Temari gave an irritated huff and the young mother slammed down her current scroll to scowl along the room until she met Gaara’s eyes.
    Her frown
 Kurei Bio Data Card by NlKNAK Kurei The Last by NlKNAK

Edit 6: 2/26/15 Added Genin Descriptions

Edit 5: 1/20/15 Added WIP History 

Edit 4: 1/18/15 Added to Summons, features, Coping Mechanisms, and Reputation.

Edit 3: 12/25/14 Added a few details and came to find out that I have reached the limit of 64 KB for this document. Will be moving powers and abilities to a new document where I will put stats and jutsu explanations so it works. 

Edit 2: 12/24/14 Oooookay. Pretty significant overhaul going on. Reworked some of the layout but mostly what I'm stoked about is the Personality and Character Development section. Needs some more work and editing but it turned out so much better, and longer, than I was expecting. 

Edit 1: 7/12/14 Changed around the strengths and weakness and edited some wording. Changed ages, some people were worried about the three year age difference, so now it's only three months. Personality has been revamped, explanatory paragraph coming soon. Many of her personality traits contradicted one another, I didn't realize how much so, so I took a hard look at how I really wanted Kurei to be portrayed and picked out the best new traits for the job. Hopefully I did better this time around, haha. 

Star! Word Count [ 5,017 ] l Page Count [ 11 ]

--- Kurei Shuhou Teasers and Tidbits:
  • --- Supervisor of Administration, Mizugame Ryodan: After retiring from work as a Shinobi, due in part to the effects giving birth to her children cause on her body, Kurei goes into administration to better help and serve her husband and take some of the burden of his job. However, she soon desires to return to working with the Mizugame Ryodan and takes over as the Supervisor upon a unanimous vote.
  • --- Update This Later: 
  • --- Maternity Leave: This was a decidedly scary time for Kurei, the very first pregnancy nearly killed her and her babies. The poisons in her blood greatly lowered her fertility levels making conception nearly impossible. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Nara Clan a remedy was found and created. Finally, Kurei and Gaara were able to conceive. The actually pregnancy, while trying, wasn't nearly as critical as the birth. It left Kurei on the edge of death and in a comatose like state for nearly a month while her body fought off shock and healed it's self. It would take several more moths of recovery before she was capable of leaving the hospital and taking care of herself. Temari moved in to help take care of her sister-in-law and her new triplets. 
  • --- What's Coming Next: The following is what I am planning to work on next, no particular order:
          --- GaaRei Relationship Explained 
          --- Guild to the Mizugame Ryodan 
          --- Key People  
          --- Team Thirteen Explored
          --- Hospital Detailed (Fic Maybe) ✓
          --- Trivia, Quotes, and More

ALSO! Please head over and visit Kurei's FC, we'd love for you to join! :iconkureifc:

Literature, Information, Kurei Shuhou, Layout, and Mentioned Characters © NlKNAK
Artist Comment Layout inspired by toomuchmusic
Kurei Art work © infinitehearts
Gaara © Kishimoto *sadface*

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Please do not use this form in any way. Hours went into creating it and I do not want to see it copied. Thank you for respecting me and my wishes.
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