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Kurei Shuhou -- is a Special Jonin-level kunoichi of Sunagakure, leader of Team 9, and Supervisor of Administration, Medical Response Division. She is the daughter of Saisei Shuhou and the Third Seat of the Shuhou Council. Kurei is quickly becoming known worldwide for her use of Toxic Release and her various Poison Jutsu's, gaining the moniker 'The Poison Barb of the Sand' (Suna no Doku Ibara).

Name Meaning: Ku means "Nine", Rei means "Expression of Gratitude", Shuhou means "Battery"
Pronunciation: Shoe-hoe ; Cuu-ray
Birthday: October 21st (Libra)
Age: 14-15 (Pre-Timeskip) 17-18 (Post-Timeskip)* 24-25 (Pregnant Arc) 40-41 (Future Arc)**
Gender: Female
Height: 142.34 cm (Pre-Timeskip) 163.28 cm (Post-Timeskip) 
Weight: 29.35 kg (Pre-Timeskip) 60.32 kg (Post-Timeskip)
Blood Type: O


Affiliation: Land of Wind --- Sunagakure --- Shuhou Clan
  • --- Academy Teacher (briefly) 
  • --- Secretary to the Kazekage (briefly) 
  • --- Kazekage's Bodyguard (Self Proclaimed) 
  • --- Supervisor of Administration, Medical Response Division (Currently)
  • --- Shunsoku Nonezumi (33)*, Discharged from Duty (Work-Related Disabilities), Academy Teacher
  • --- Jinruishi Oikumo (34)*, Active Jonin
  • --- Goki Noukotsudou (13), Deceased
  • --- Fusei Heian (13), Deceased
  • --- Hin Noukotsudou (20)*, 
  • --- Taba Matsurika (19)*, 
Students: Often referred to as the HiRiRi Trio.
  • --- Ondori Homura (12), 
  • --- Sugari Amani (9), 
  • --- Hikkaku Inusayama (11),

Classification: Short to Mid Range/Special Jonin ; Poison Specialist
Ninja Registration: #54-009
Academy Grad. Age: 11
Jonin Prom. Age: 15
Missions Completed: 704**
D-Rank: 114|C-Rank: 223|B-Rank: 251|A-Rank: 106|S-Rank: 10

Part 1
  • Ninjutsu: 6/10 
  • Genjutsu: 2/10 
  • Taijutsu: 2/10  
  • Medical Ninjutsu: 2/10 
  • Kinjutsu: 4/10 
  • Chakra Control: 8/10 
  • Agility: 7/10 
  • Strength: 2/10 
  • Intelligence: 5/10 
  • Constitution: 7/10 
Total: 45/100

In part one, Kurei's focused was on her clan techniques of Chakra Control, Chakra Manipulation, and Kinjutu. Overall, rather weak and unbalanced for her age group. 

Part 2
  • Ninjutsu: 8/10 
  • Genjutsu: 2/10 
  • Taijutsu: 6/10  
  • Medical Ninjutsu: 6/10 
  • Kinjutsu: 7/10 
  • Chakra Control: 10/10 
  • Agility: 7/10 
  • Strength: 4/10 
  • Intelligence: 8/10 
  • Constitution: 9/10
Total: 67/100

In part two, we really see Kurei flourish in her art of Toxic Release and developing a more balanced skill set. She sit's just above average now and excels in certain aspects which help shape her character.

Kurei is a hard-working and diligent women, though her tendency to get fully involved in her work often leads her to miss out on social gatherings and, in extreme cases, leaves her sick from ill attention to her health.

She is protective of her emotions and person, being wary of strangers even though her amiable personality might tell you otherwise. Kurei's number one code is to follow her instincts and desires, as she as a knack for being right. However, being a practical woman she also lets logic dictate her decisions and works to have a balance in all thing.

Kurei isn't a sensitive person on most occasions, having a thick skin from growing up with a large family, but, she understands how words can move and break people and works very hard to mold her language to suit the individual. As such, she is very sympathetic to the needs and circumstances of others and is not hasty to judge without all the facts.

Willing to do anything to help and alleviate suffering, works hard to learn of the failings of the systems around her, and goes to great lengths in order to change or improve said suffering and failings.

Kurei is a clever and efficient woman, always prepared for anything and great at anticipating in a variety of situations. She is ambitious to a fault and very focused once set to a task. Getting her to back down from a task is nearly impossible, however.  

Kurei is devoted and generous and determined to not let the mistakes and grudges of the past generations be detrimental to the generations to follow.

Kurei can hold a grudge. Not for things committed against herself, but for anything against her loved ones or against the innocent.

She has a critical eye towards most things, stemming mainly from her perfectionist nature. A perfectionist by designs and practise, Kurei can not setting for a job not completed to it's fullest.Everything has a place and there is a place for everything, is not too far from the mark.

Kurei is very cautious when getting into a relationship, platonic, work, or otherwise. Only wanting to spend time on those who are worth and match well with her ideals/personality. She has a very sly personality and a dark sense of humor when warranted and isn't afraid to kill to get the job done.

Brief Personality: 
  • --- POSITIVE: Clever, Determined, Focused, Attentive, Efficient, Pragmatic, Ambitious, Fierce
  • --- NEUTRAL: Busy, Cautious, Amiable, Blunt, Imaginative, Organized
  • --- NEGATIVE: Perfectionist, Critical, Sly, Grudging, Suspicious, Workaholic, Feisty 
Clan: Shuhou - Third Seat (Pre-War)
Immediate Family: 
  • --- Saisei Shuhou (43)*, Father, Clan Leader, First Seat, and Leader of Primary (Offensive) Branch
  • --- Toge Shuhou (37)*, Mother, Retired Special Jonin , Academy Teacher
  • --- Suigin Shuhou (48)*, Uncle, Leader of the Secondary Branch, Second Seat
  • --- Jyuukiou Shuhou (25)*, Half Brother, Special Jonin
  • --- Itsuka Shuhou (22)*, Half Sister, Political Speaker
Marital Status: Married (Post-War)
Partner: Sabaku no Gaara 
Offspring: Asura (14)** Kamanra (14)** Hiei (Adopted/16)** 

Education: Sunagakure Academy, Dr. Yamawaki, - numerous apprenticeships served over career

1) "Life is too short to dwell on regrets and forget yourself." 
2) "A proper Shinobi should always stand back up after being knocked down, no excuses."

  • --- Being abandoned by those she trusts, which developed shortly after her mothers death and is solidified by her teammates deaths.
  • --- Failing/Disappointing those important to her. While Kurei isn't pron to people pleasing, she does want to keep a positive imagine of herself in the minds of those she cares for/idolizes. Should she do something really stupid, she fears their disapproval more than any punishment she might receive from others.
  • --- Being out of control of her body/mind/actions. Kurei has a sever disdain for genjutsu users and illusions. She cannot stand to not be in control over her actions. Likewise she deplores alcohol for it's mind altering effects and will several reprimand anyone caught with a bottle in their hand.
  • --- Fire. Not only is it one of her major weakness but it's pure destructive force frightens her. She has a mild bias against all Fire Release users.
  • --- Kurei dreams of a family of her own. When she was young it was a dream of selfishness. Wanting children who would love her because they were her children. A husband to tell what to do. A household to be in complete control over. Being better than her parents, but out of a competitive need. As Kurei got away from her clan, and certainly after reuniting with her mother and changing the old practices of her clan, she found a pure want for family. A husband who treats her as an equal, children to love and adore and nurture, a household to tend and defend. 
  • --- In her youth, Kurei, like most teenagers, wanted fame over most everything. Her poison jutsu's won her quite a bit of fame, but more trouble than anything. Age has granted her superiority in her field, as well as respect. Her fame now is for her restraint and strict control over her Toxic release. Kurei will always be a bit of an attention monger, but now it is a front to better protect her family and village over just wanting to be widely known.
  • --- Kurei's most loved hobby is cooking. She dreams of learning from professionals and cooking wonderfully healthy meals. After retiring from service and taking a, slightly more, low key job, Kurei dedicates a few hours of the week bugging restaurant chefs to teach her their trade. Then coercing her children to act as testers. 
  • --- Cultivating cacti with special properties and giving them to people she cares for (each ones has a bit of an attitude, being raised on Kurei's chakra, they seems to have taken on a little of her personality in the process). Each cacti is trained to recognize Chakra and launch needles at unfamiliar/hostile chakra that get too close. Everyone in the Kazekage's office now stands a good six or so feet from Gaara's desk.
  • --- Gardening in general relaxes Kurei. She enjoys watching her plants flourish and grow and is always sad when something dies off. Like her cacti, most of her plants feed off Kurei's chakra and have their own personalities. This can be a rather stunning realization for unsuspecting viewers of her garden!
  • --- Cooking. It's rather strange for others to think of Kurei as domestic, but she is as good at making soups and treats as she is toxic tonics and poison brews.
  • --- Organizing, and leaving sticky notes everywhere. Bit of OCD and hates messes with a passion. Known to melt piles of unsorted junk rather than sort them to make her point.
  • --- Listening and offering advice. Kurei likes to feel needed and enjoys being able to help others sort out their problems. Those close to the poison user know they will always get an honest, if not blunt, view on their respective problems. They may not take the advice, but Kurei is always willing to give it.


Chakra Nature: Water Release | Earth Release | Toxic Release 

Toxic Release: 

--- Toxic Release (有毒,遁 "Toxic Style" or "Poisonous Style) is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines earth and water-based chakra natures to create and manipulate poisons which can serve multi-faceted purposes. This ability ranges from plant-based material - such as spores, roots, or flowers - to animal and insect venom extracts, as well as a variety of inorganic poisons and toxinc. Toxic Release techniques can be produced from anywhere in the body as well as externally. Often, Kurei pairs her poisons with Shuhou Manipulation and Chakra Molding Techniques. 

--- The creator and soul user of Toxic Release is Kurei Shuhou, though her children do have the capability of learning if they so choose. It is worth mentioning that the toxins she uses, from years of injections, form naturally in her body. She can easily consume medium amounts of unfamiliar poisons and create cures and anti-toxins. Toxic Release has the passive ability to detect trace amounts of poisons within a small radius of about 10-15 feet. 

--- The chemicals utilized within the body react similarly to hormones, being released under stress or with adrenaline and circulating through the body. Certain poisons are used to keep her organs functioning, as they now crave the substances through years of use. Similarly to alcohol or drug addictions, only, the body no long suffers side effects and Kurei has complete control over any and all secondary effects. Yet, it has been shown on more than one occasion, if Kurei's blood-poison levels falls below .14 she can be at risk for organ/brain failure and has high risk for heart attack. 


Adept Spear Handling:

--- During her Academy years, long before coming into the idea of Toxic Release, Kurei was trained in the art of the spear. Spear arts are a specialty of the Shuhou Clan, made all the more impressive and grueling to learn when the pupil must funnel their chakra through the shaft and shape and coerce said chakra into the shape of a blade. Not forgetting stability of keeping a solid form. All the while wielding and moving and fighting. Chakra Molding took it's toll but being the only skill she was trained in by the masters within the Clan, it was a skill that was polished to a glare. It is also a skill never forgotten, a secret weapon saved for more dire times. Kurei has excellent spear handling, working real spears as well as chakra made. It's a secret passion and Kurei is often seen practicing the motions to cull off or reroute her focus. Chakra Molding is reflexive and so is her art of Spear Molding. Her speed coupled with the deftness of her craft and the poisons she wields make this technique a very deadly one. 

Advanced Chakra Control:

--- Like her Spear craft, control is pinnacle for the Shuhou. to master any of their techniques, the strictest control is required. Control which Kurei was naturally inclined to. She can easily gauge and control any amount of chakra with a single passing thought. Most notable is her ability to use just enough to get the job done, just enough to ensure she wont run out or come up empty, and never uses more than is absolutely necessary. It's thanks to the more practical side of her nature. Kurei has learned and mastered her clans art of chakra recycling, turning chakra back in on it's self to keep it from expanding and flickering out. Her ability to mold chakra is above even the most advanced of her age mates, within and out of the clan. It is a high source of pride for Kurei as well as being her main means of fighting. Kurei focuses on piping her poisons and toxins through her chakra and infusing the two when fighting. She relies on molding external devices in to dangerous weapons and can bare hand mold many more if the situation calls for it. While it is taxing and eats up her energy very quickly, Kurei has been known to mold up to 40 weapons of chakra and wield them independently. These periods last for short times before it leaves her taxed and out cold.  

Specialized Combat Skill: 

--- Kurei's toxic release gives her an edge in battle. She is able to melt metal should they enter an area into which she has her poison spread. Small droplets which are invisible to the eye but corrode on contact. Kurei never has to make a solid hit. A passing graze is more than enough to inject poison in to an opposing body. She focuses on getting in, delivering the injection, then getting out and manipulating from the side lines. When times call for it, Kurei is quite the combatant. If with company she will stick with her Shuhou roots, solo she relies on her poisons and shows just how brutal her release of choice truly is. Her abilities have the power to melt flesh and boil blood. Two things she rarely has the stomach for, however. Kurei knows every which way her Toxic Release can be used and has dozens of gruesome abilities locked in a closet in the back of her mind. While she isn't one for needless suffering, it is often times unnerving when she does show off a deadly skill and be reminded about the secrets which lurk just under the surface.

--- The poison types she utilizes fall along a few lines: 
  • --- Neurotoxins: Light - Medium l Typically at the level of high-intoxication to impair judgement and motor functions. Can be specified to certain areas of the body if needed. 
  • --- Venom: Medium - Strong l Snake and Spider venom is milked and mixed with a light aphrodisiac to give an odd sensation of burning and flight. The Venom typically works to thin blood, cause hemorrhaging, burn or corrode, bruise, and, eventually, kill. It can also be used to paralyze.
  • --- Chemical: Light - Strong l Again, highly versatile but this is used more on weapons and inorganic objects. It can eat through flesh, bone, and solid steel. Boils blood and other liquids (by extracting the oxygen). Can be ignited with fire to go boom (developed to combat fire users but it completely external, she will never allow it inside her body, thank you). 
  • --- Spores: Light l Used as a shield and composted of mold, sticker spores, poison dusts, ect. Used to cloud the sense, causes shortness of breath and asthma like symptoms by gunking up the lungs and throat. Exposure to eyes causes sever irritation and prolonged exposure can result in bleeding from the eyes and finally permanent blindness. Contact with skin results in sever rashes and bruising via exploding blood vessels just under the skin. Expelled from the breath and housed in Kurei's lungs.
  • --- Antidotes: Light - Strong l While Kurei is a walking hazardous waste station, she also had the forethought to retain antidotes to her various chems and toxins. Most remain in allies systems for up to eight hours, getting progressively weaker with each use. To combat this, several injections are staged to interact with each other over the course of 24 hours. Though they still get weaker over time. However, too much of an antidote can have side effects. There is no pattern nor rhyme or reason to those effects.
  • --- Toxins: Strong l Potent and made from plant and animal origins. Silent killers which leave no traces behind. Each toxin is created with a specific function and purpose. Some target healthy brain cells while others go for muscle tissue or red blood cells. The more potent forms must be used in a controlled setting and take a while to prep and spread. Same with larger doses, since they have specific functions assigned. Their overall function is to take corrupt the system and destroy basic functions and control. Some can be used to force the truth while others as a tool for training a response. Used mostly when interrogating or fleeing. Can also be used for tracking.
  • --- Bacteria: Light - Medium l Kurei, under certain conditions, can control the bacteria in a body, good and bad. Different bacteria generate different effects.

Advanced Speed:

--- Kurei's most notable physical ability is her speed. To add even more to that, Kurei pushes chakra to the soles of her feet and blasts it toward the ground in concentrated bursts. Likewise, when she kicks, she pumps chakra in blade formation at her opponent. Her small frame give her great agility and maneuverability in battle. She is a white and orange blur to most of her opponents. Kurei's advanced speed is not only relegated to her physical but her mental facilities as well. Having a mind sharp and process at whiplash-educing speeds, she is able to absorb, digest, plan, and execute plans on the fly. Her reflexes are like wise wicked fast and sharp as a tack. Having been known to deflect objects coming in at blinds spots. This is generally due to a weapon coming into contact with a bit of her poison, but, Kurei is not known for going out of her way to correct this. Being fast she zips in and stings her opponents like a bee or lashes at them like a scorpion. Lacking in strength, Kurei must stay on her toes at all times and push her abilities to keep from being pinned down or cornered. Always checking that her predetermined exits are open or finding new ones when needed. When she wants to, Kurei can push enough chakra to her feet to make her flash away from view and move so quick only a superior eye could vaguely keep up. 

Natural Tactician: 

--- Her intelligence for tactics gives her an edge in battle. She can quickly and efficiently come up with a plan to defeat an opponent by properly analyzing chakra nature, jutsus, and pattern of attacks. She does not appreciate 'margin for error' and is known to be a perfectionist in battle. Her mind is sharp and frighteningly keen to details -the weak left knee, the ticks, the vulnerable break in formation. She reads people, finds their weakness, and exploits them. She likes to use the element of surprise to her advantage and will use any means to win. However, she will pull back or flee if the odds turn against her, she would rather live to fight another day than to die a pointless death. 

Adept Ninjutsu Skill:

--- Thriving in chakra manipulation it's not hard to guess that Kurei would take to ninjutsu. Indeed, Kurei always had an odd lust to learn the art, if only to take it and make it her own. Manipulate it and work it into her own image, which she has done, quite well in fact. She reaches mastery of ninjutsu in a short span of time after getting her Toxic Release squared away. Kurei has carved more personal ninjutsu techniques for herself than she lets on, and enjoys the trial and error and research of such. It's liberating and it's a form of control, both positive associations. Overall, Kurei has a nature talent, given her lineage of Chakra Molding and her mothers above average aptitude for ninjutsu as well.

M O D E R A T E - S K I L L S

Oratorical Specialist:

Stemming from her Clan and upbrining, Kurei is a magnificent speaker. She is likewise exceptional in diplomacy, planning and leading, as well as talking circles around those she does not want to give a straight answer to. Oh yes, and she's great a lying. Anything that requires words to be spun and deliver for a particular out come... Kurei is your girl. She enjoys the intellectual challenge and stimulation it brings. She enjoys spirited arguments, deplores haughty or ignorant participants, and generally delights in getting her way. It's often joked that she could sell sand to a Suna civilian. Indeed Kurei tried to do just so. Rumor has it she succeeded.  

Intermediate Medical Skill:

--- Due to spending a couple of years holed up in a hospital with a doctor for a sensei, as well as needing to know the ins and outs of the human body, Kurei developed a significant repertoire of medical skills. R
esetting broken bones, splinting (w/ and w/o chakra), checking vital signs, stitching, and blood stopping are her most basic skills. Sprinkle in a temperature stabilizing jutsu, anesthetic jutsu, and nerve system chakra manipulation jutsu and you've got yourself a medic in a pinch. While under Dr. Yamawaki's tutelage, Kurei vaguely considered fully training toward a medical license, however, her Shuhou pride would allow nothing more than the path of a shinobi and she left the course where she was. Yet, after retiring from the life of a shinobi, Kurei will pick her medical training back up and rise to a masters rank.

Basic Taijutsu Skill:

--- Kurei has learn enough taijutsu to survive a close combat situation, given the opponent isn't too far above her level. The taijutsu she has masters is that which greatly increases her speed, adds to her defense, aids in dodging and escape, as well as promoting physical enhancements. Meaning increased endurance while running or moving at high speeds along with toning muscle. Taijutsu is the wetstone with which she sharpens her body's condition. She is by no means a master but fairly intermediate in this trade. 

Moderate Sealing Knowledge: 

--- Learned from her days in the hospital, Kurei knows the basics of sealing. She learned sealing techniques for supplies, how to seal foreign particles in the body and reverse seal them into/onto their intended target, among other basic level sealing techniques. She relies heavily on supply and weapon sealing, helpful when carrying around a personal medical unit. Kurei knows how to seal a contract with a summons as well as use sealing charms to immobilize an enemy. Curiously, Kurei is better at disarming and removing seals far more than activating them. 

Novice Summoner:

--- Kurei's summons are a group of pirate-mentality, drunken albino scorpions, eye patches and peg-legs included. She has enough knowledge to summon the blasted beasts but generally has no control from that point forward. The only one she has any authority with is the large, sage summon who tolerates her because he finds it amusing all the trouble she manages to get in. The scorpions can not poof out of a battle however, Kurei knows enough to lock them to her side. Her only real saving grace is the summons love to fight and generally respond well to 'this is friend and that is foe, have at it'. Once Toge awakes, however, she will show Kurei the proper way to handle the rowdy bunch. Yet, by then, Kurei's will have found her own scorpions who are far more amiable and scientific to work with and leave the drunken bunch to her mother.


--- Allies. Her poison, while mostly contained within chakra and manipulated with much care and attention, is still as dangerous to allies as it is to enemies. Stray spores or the occasional splash of poison can do great damage to those nearby. When fighting in a group, Kurei takes care not to use her wider range attacks and focuses on close combat and defense. To work around this, Kurei ops to inject antidotes into whomever will be fighting along side her when it's possible or necessary. They are not long lasting antidotes, 8 hours tops, and become less and less effective the more they are used in a compacted amount of time (the antidote takes 48 hours to completely leave the blood system. Once out, a new injection will be as effective as the first).

Physical Weaknesses:

--- Kurei's main weakness in regards to her physical abilities are larger, physical combatants and genjutsu/illusion specialists. Kurei is a shorty, her specially is speed and misdirection. She is mostly a mid-range, center supporter but can rely on close combat abilities with chakra molded weapons when a situation calls for it. Given her size, a large opponent with distinctively stronger overall physical capabilities will easily trounce Kurei. If they can touch her. Her speed allows for quick movement, but, blocking physical attacks can take an eminence toll on on her body. Leverage is also an issue as the larger the opponent the more force they have and the more gravity plays against the Shuhou girl. 

--- Fire/Lightning/burns take longer to heal for Kurei than the average individual. 

--- As poison typically thins the blood and prevents it from clotting normally, Kurei is pron to higher blood loss from wounds. It takes her a long while to stop bleeding naturally and for her red blood cell count to regenerate. If the wound is sever enough, Kurei will push and solidify an amount of chakra over/in the wound to stanch the bleeding as long as she can. However, the concentration she needs to keep the wound closed is far more than she can usually stand to afford while engaged in a fight. Kurei is not a patient one.

Zero Genjutsu Skill and Resistance:

--- In Kurei's humble opinion, all Genjutsu users need to go die in a hole. Kurei, like the rest of her clan, are very susceptible to the illusive suggestions projected though the use of genjutsu. While their bodies can sustain many hits and their charka system is hard to disrupt, their brains are far more exposed. Most notably, sound-based genjutsu are the Shuhou's worst nightmare. Kurei has come up with a few jutsus with her Toxic Release to attempt to combat genjutsu users.

Nature Weaknesses:

--- Kurei's main weakness in regards to chakra nature, specifically to Toxic release, are Fire and Lightning Release. Fire more specifically than Lightning as the latter is more a play of a liquid's conductive abilities. If coated in the Toxic release, Lightning abilities can cause sever damage, yet Kurei generally knows better than to do so once she has identified a lightning user. Her speed also helps her combat them more effectively. Fire, on the other hand, is almost an instant kill for the lesser Toxic Release Jutsu's. Any external technique is at risk of being turned to ash. Close combat and speed are usually employed to get in quick, deal a passing blow, and then get away. Most toxins delivered to an opposing body last between 2 weeks to a month undetected/inactivated. Likewise, the effect rate of a poison in battle is quickly spread up the more the target moves. Yet, fire chakra can burn off the toxins far faster than others. So it requires Kurei to expand more chakra and poison then other chakra users.

Emotional Battery: 

--- An affectionately named Shuhou label for those in the clan -generally the young- who tend to act first and think through it later. Kurei is one such individual. While her emotionally batter sparks less and less as she gets older, her heart usually acts before her head does. This has landed her in plenty of trouble. Most Shuhou are known for going through a very emotional, and very violent, phase during adolescence. Kurei's just happened to last a bit longer than usual. It is thought that maybe that is linked to the different nature types as those with elemental releases seem to have stronger phases than others. Kurei's emotional battery seems more focused on stubborn pride and over-protective instincts than the need for unnecessary violence and blood.

Emotional Triggers: 

--- Pride and Embarrassment -when issues are directed at herself. 
--- Crossed Boundaries -can be anything from personal contact, someone defying her orders, or a literal boundary line being crossed. 
--- Protective Tendencies - A loved one being threatened or hurt.

Kurei Shippuden Logo by NlKNAK


Kurei's Genin Team ExplainedHeian Fusei ( ヘいあん 不整 ) 
Gender: Male
Current Age: 13
Birthday: June 23rd
Height: 4'6" 
Weight: 95lbs
Blood type: A-
Status: Deceased - Killed by an unknown shinobi at Inter-Village Match
Fusei always seemed like an old soul. He was often far away from everyone even when sitting next to them, eyes glazed with a serious express creasing his brow. He was an introverted and terribly smart boy. Hailing from a notable clan, son of the clan head, he had everything going for him to become the best. But the pressure was often too much. He found sparing with the hyperactive nut case that was Kurei to be a good way at releasing his aggression. Likewise, Kurei could let go of her frustrations on Fusei. This odd sparing match up quickly brought the two close together and they shared a very tight, if not very odd, kinship. 
He was smart boy, possibly too much so, and as such had lost the excitement and wond

Edit 1: 7/12/14 Changed around the strengths and weakness and edited some wording. Changed ages, some people were worried about the three year age difference, so now it's only three months. Personality has been revamped, explanatory paragraph coming soon. Many of her personality traits contradicted one another, I didn't realize how much so, so I took a hard look at how I really wanted Kurei to be portrayed and picked out the best new traits for the job. Hopefully I did better this time around, haha. 

Star! Word Count [ 5,017 ] l Page Count [ 11 ]

--- Kurei Shuhou Teasers and Tidbits:
  • --- Supervisor of Administration, Medical Response Division: After retiring from work as a Shinobi, due in part to the effects giving birth to her children cause on her body, Kurei goes into administration to better help and serve her husband and take some of the burden of his job. Due to her in-depth knowledge of medical jutsu and poisons she is the ideal candidate for this position. And while she enjoys helping and saving lives, she is a bossy butt and enjoys the authority the position grants her. 
  • --- PTSD and Fear of Biting: Traumas from the past so rarely leave one completely. Kurei still suffers from multiple Post Traumatic Stress Disorders which has lead to the evolution of more specific stresses and fears. Her fear of biting and teeth, for one, was very debilitating shortly after it took hold. Even now, Kurei will pause in battle against and enemy with unusual teeth or who talks a little too much. When stressed Kurei often clenches her jaw and grinds her teeth, nibbling or biting on something to occupy her from the aforementioned grinding. 
  • --- Maternity Leave: This was a decidedly scary time for Kurei, the very first pregnancy nearly killed her and her baby boy. The poisons in her blood aborted several attempts at first, but, finally, one fetus managed to survive the three month mark. Then it was keep it safe. The actually pregnancy, while trying, wasn't nearly as critical as the birth. It left Kurei on the edge of death and in a comatose like state for nearly a month while her body fought off shock and healed it's self. It would take several more moths of recovery before she was capable of leaving the hospital and taking care of herself. Temari moved in to help take care of her sister-in-law and her new baby. The two pregnancies following were carefully planned and monitored and when smoother than the first. However, after the birth of her twins it was decided that any more would be far too dangerous to Kurei's heath.
  • --- What's Coming Next: The following is what I am planning to work on next, no particular order:
          --- GaaRei Relationship Explained
          --- In-Depth Personality
          --- Key People  
          --- PTSD Symptoms and Recovery
          --- Indepth History 
          --- Hospital Detailed (Fic Maybe)
          --- Trivia, Quotes, and More

Kurei Shuhou, Layout, and Mentioned Characters belong to NlKNAK
Artist Comment Layout inspired by toomuchmusic
Kurei Art work by NeskaMD
Gaara belongs to Kishimoto *sadface*

ALSO, don't forget to visit my group, pretty please! :iconkureifc:

Please do not use this form in any way. Hours went into creating it and I do not want to see it copied. Thank you for respecting me and my wishes.
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Nia-j Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is excellent! it shows you really put a lot of thought into your OC and i really like that! :nod:
Brilliant work and i look forward to seeing more of her.. 

Sorry about the the gallery stalking, I am interested it what else i can find out about her ^^  
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

Oh gosh, thank you. I pour as much into character design and description as I can. 
Fleshing her out has been a joy and really she's come so far since I created her 9 years ago. she started out as most oc's do, a total mary-sue, but she survived and now I'm so proud of her, haha

no worries, you're in good company ^w^ b
Nia-j Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Most welcome my dear, it really shows~ (:
She has come a long way in the 9 years then! xD

Yay, everything is good when you have good company!
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
^w^ I have a wiki page that is in progress for her atm, hopefully I can finish a good bit of it with the holidays coming up~
Oh yeah, originally she was a Konoha nin -somehow associated with the Akatsuki- and paired with an Uchiha oc -whom worked with Sasuke and Itachi in the Akatsuki- and was paired later/or at the same time I dun remember with Neji...soooo glad I grew out of that phase XD

ain't that the truth, haha! 
Nia-j Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha woah she seemed to have a lot going on for her then xD
probably a good thing you changed it a smigg
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
IKR, my friends who were with me in this plot had a character pair with Sasuke and Itachi respectively. We were quite the group XD
yeah, just a smigg, teehee
Nia-j Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha sounds like everyone was busy x3 
I can see you were! :giggle:
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh yes, we were quite busy, busy being complete dorks. XD
But, everyone starts somewhere and I've learned so much about character design and creating through her~
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HatakeHime Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I've been seeing her around lately and I have to say I really like her a lot! :heart: She seems very well rounded and unique!
NlKNAK Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

      Aw, thank you so much, I'm so pleased to hear you say that! :heart: And thank you for taking the time to comment, it means a lot!
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