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March 8, 2013
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[TGL] Monarchstar of LightClan [WIP] by NlKNAK [TGL] Monarchstar of LightClan [WIP] by NlKNAK

For :iconthe-golden-lands:
He's baaaaack >3

Also, for the family members who are open for adoption. I will be posting a blog for try outs over the next few days. Rule and info will be presented there~! I do not mind if you change their name and/or genders or use an existing cat for one of the roles. I just want to rp a family~!

{ l Getting the g i s t //

Name // Monarchkit| Monarchpaw | Monarchcrest | Monarchstar
Name Break Down

Monarch // Monarchkit's mother, Scorchpool, and father, Yellowjacket, of LightClan were blessed with five strong tom kits. The first two were a pair of identical twins named Emberkit and Stormkit, the lanky brown Tiger-look-a-like was named Weaselkit, the mottled tom was named Moltkit after Scorchpool's recently deceased father. When they went to name their last, quite massive, tom kit they noticed a large, grand butterfly resting on his head. Yellowjacket playfully called him Monarchkit and the little tom's head shot straight up.

Crest // Monarchpaw's grandfather, Rowanstar, gave him the name crest for two reasons. The toms muzzle scars earned in the battle before his ceremony would remain as a crest of courage. And Monarchpaw's deeds and loyalty to his clan stood out and honored ShadowClan's name..

[ Gender // Tom ]
[ Age // 48 Moons ]
[ Breed // Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest Cat x American Long Hair ]
[ Clan // LightClan ]
[ Rank // Leader ]
[ Apprentice // ]

{ l They say I have q u a r k s //

>Extroverted :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Introverted
Thinking :bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Feeling
Judging :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite: Perceiving
Grouchy :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Nice
Serious :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Playful
Naive :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Experienced
Cowardly :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite: Brave
Shy :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite: Outgoing
Sloppy :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: Neat
Passive :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Aggressive
Easy going :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Hard headed
Greedy :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite: Generous
Sarcastic :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Silly
Clumsy :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite: Graceful
Pride ::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Humility
Alert :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Inattentive
Clueless :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Observant
Envious :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Content
Lazy :bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: Ambitious

•[ Strong Willed and Persistent // "That is that, no further questions." //

•[ Pleasant, Charming, and Clever, // "Yes, I do believe you have a point, but might I ask you to think from another cats perspective, hm?" //

•[ Story Teller //

•[ Social Butterfly //

•[ Vain and Feminine //

•[ Ambitious and Autonomous//

{ l It's all in the b l o o d //

Mother l
Dame Scorchpool l Alive [Elder / NPC]

Father l
Sire Yellowjacket l Deceased [Killed in the Battle of Rats]

Siblings l
Brother Emberstorm l Alive [NPC]
Brother Stormember l Alive [NPC]
Brother Moltcoat l Alive [Open for Adoption]
Brother Weaselfang l Alive [Open for Adoption]

Other Family l

Grandsire Applestar l Deceased [Last life given in Battle of Rats]
Granddame Sweetwater l Deceased [Died in Sleep]
Sweetwater's Daughter Softsnarl l Alive [LightClan]
Sweetwater's Son Suntalon l Alive [NPC / TBD]
Sweetwater's Half Sister Spiderbite l Deceased [Old Age]
Sweetwater's Brother Bluepool l Deceased [Killed in the Battle of Rats]
Sweetwater's Half Brother Tigerfrost l Deceased [Killed in Battle]
Sweetwater's Half Sister Vixenheart l Deceased [Old Age]
Distant Kin Felicity l Unknown
Distant Kin Rookflight l Deceased [Murdered]

Mate Sootflight [Alive - Open for Adoption]

Litter 1 l
Son Heavystep l Deceased [Wound Infection]
Daughter Spiderpoppy l Deceased [Killed in Battle]
Daughter Willowleap l Alive [Open for Adoption]
Son Lionsong l Alive [LightClan] 
Son Tigerspirit l Alive [LightClan]
Litter 2 l
Son Gorsepaw l l Alive [Open for Adoption]
Son Rockpaw l Alive [Open for Adoption]
Daughter Thistlepaw l Alive [Open for Adoption]
Daughter Honeypaw l Alive [Open for Adoption]

{ l Written in s h a d o w s //

{ On a Dizzy Sunrise //

{ Blood, Sweat, and Tears //

{ No Rest for the Wicked //

{ Honor to a Gruesome Legacy //

{ A Crown of Shadows //

{ l They say it's who you k n o w //

[ :bulletblack: // Despises ]
[ :bulletwhite: // Unsure / Still developing opinion ]
[ :bulletblue: // Neutral / Acquaintances ]
[ :bulletgreen: // Friend ]
[ :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: // Close Friend ]
[ :bulletpink: // Interested In ]
[ :bulletpink::bulletpink: // Crushing On ]
[ :bulletyellow: // Attachment ]
[ :bulletorange: // Awkward Around ]
[ :bulletred: // Love ]
[ :bulletred::bulletred: // Family ]
[ :heart: // Mate ]
[ :bulletpurple: // Respect ]
[ :star: // Deceased ]


{ :bulletpurple: l Name l ~-- l ....Pendeing




{ l Survey s a y s //

Central Standard Time
Skype is probably going to be the best
Notes are just as good, second best - just shoot me a starting note and we'll go from there
Chats are the least conducive to rping with me

RP Sample // Daylily // WVS

Breath now. Hold it. Forward. One. Two. GO! A ginger blur rushed from the depth of the shadows, paws flying over the ground with hardly a sound. The lithe she-cat brought her skilled paws down on the wings of a pale dove. Delivering a quick prayer to StarClan she bit the feathered creatures neck, breaking it in an instant.

Daylily smirked around a mouthful of feathers and trotted back toward her pile of kill. Unearthing it and snapping her jaws closed around the bundle, she ginger tabby bounded back toward her clan. Always up before the sun and mostly always hunting, the little warrior had not left time for much else in her life. She enjoyed the patrols she was assigned, the only time she seemed to hunt with her clan mates.

Ears pinned back for a moment as she thought of it, mind wondering to time when she and her brothers had been a hunting force no one could dominate. Paws, trained with time, lead Daylily right to the freshkill pile. She dropped the three pieces of kill and sat back, mind still lost in thought.

"Hm-ho, no time like the present," She muttered, shaking her head fervently to clear out the buzzing of past memories. As she turned away she spotted one of the newer additions to the clan. And outside, what was his name again? It was a bit rough on the tongue. "Spike...Spike...ah mouse brain I forgot..."

Daylily picked her self up and pranced over to the tom cat. "Hiya, morning, and how are you?" She smiled good naturedly, settling a mouse length away from him.

[ art (c) =Elesette ]
[ character(s) (c) =SeekingLucidity ]
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sailinq Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
rolls over 2 monarchstar
cOUGHS I have a warrior in AirClan I've been meaning to get active but haven't had a lot of RPs with,,
and I love love love love this character ?? 
would you like to RP? uwu
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

      Hi ya~ Sorry for the late reply OTL
      Hm, I don't know how Monarchstar would take meeting a cat from a different Clan. I mean, at the border maybe, but under what conditions. He's a pretty amiable fellow, but...
      If we can figure out a suitable plot, then, sure! I'd love to rp with ya~
Silverleaf11 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I am looking forward to joining TGL and was wondering if I should tell you since you are the leader of the clan I wish to join.
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

      We look forward to having you. Oh, well, it's not necessary to tell me, you go right ahead and fill out your application. Though that was sweet to let me know. LightClan looks forward to a new member~
SimplyNeon Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey baby cakes <33

Got any idea on what pose you want for Monarch before I start sketching?
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
      *snugs* Sorry for the delayed response, been staying away from the computer as much as possible.

      Not really, but he's a really laid back, big 'ol teddy bear so something reflecting that would be good. *cuddles Twin*
good-within-u Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
his 2nd litter is open for adoption?
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
      That it is~ <3
good-within-u Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Do you have pics of them?

;3 also Cougar has her drawing added all I need to do is put her information. 
NlKNAK Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
      Not at the moment, but I was thinking of mocking up some in a bit.

       Ooooh, sweet <3 I'll go take a looksee~
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